Dietitian's Corner

Dietitian's Corner

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At Coborn's we care about your health and wellness. Take a look through our Dietitian's Corner page for helpful and practical nutritional information. Didn't find what you need? Ask a Coborn's Registered Supermarket Dietitian in the section below. This is a complimentary resource that we provide to our guests to keep you happy and healthy. Registered Supermarket Dietitians are your most credible source for food and nutritional information. Registered Dietitians have the knowledge, training and skills to translate food and nutrition science into practical and understandable information. Look for the professional certification initials, RD, which indicate a Registered Dietitian has: 1. Completed a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree in Nutrition 2. Completed a supervised dietetics internship program 3. Passed a national exam 4. Maintains continuing education hours

Ask a Coborn's Supermarket Dietitian

 Ask a Coborn's Supermarket Dietitian Do you have a question for a Coborn's Registered Supermarket Dietitian regarding nutrition or healthy eating? Or do you want more information about something you read in one of our monthly Registered Dietitian blogs? Simply fill out the form below and one of Coborn's Registered Supermarket Dietitians will get back to you, answer your question and point you to some helpful resources along the way.


Brochures and Flyers Looking for peanut-free items, information on heart disease or living gluten-free? Look no further than the great resources provided to you here. Simply download the pdfs below and learn more from our Coborn's Registered Supermarket Dietitian. We take the guess work out of nutrition and apply it to real-life lifestyles.


NuVal Coborn's is proud to offer the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System at all of our locations to conveniently help our guests make nutritious decisions while shopping. NuVal helps you sift through confusing nutrition information so you can make quick and easy decisions about your food - while feeling confident about your choices. Should you buy wheat or oatmeal bread? Are pretzels more nutritious than tortilla chips? These are the decisions that NuVal scores can help you make – in seconds – as you're walking down your Coborn's aisles. The NuVal System provides comprehensive nutritional information in one simple number between 1 and 100.

Healthy Checklane

Healthy Checklane Coborn's recently launched the healthy check lane initiative in all of our Coborn's locations. This program removed the soda and unhealthy candy and sweets from one designated check lane and replaced it with more nutritious options- all selected by our Registered Supermarket Dietitians! This includes whole grain chips, crackers, and cookies, nuts and seeds, fresh and dried fruit, hummus and peanut butter packets to go, as well as more nutritious granola and breakfast bars. We also have a cooler that holds a variety of yogurts, cheese sticks, pre-cut fruits, salads to go and better for you beverage options. This is just one more way that Coborn's is creating solutions that promote healthy lifestyle choices, with products that taste good and are just as good for you!

Dietitian's Choice

Dietitian's Choice The Dietitian's Choice program is similar to having your very own personal dietitian at your side while you are browsing through your local Coborn's grocery store and deciding what to purchase. Dietitian's Choice helps you navigate your favorite grocery aisles, quickly identifying better-for-you foods and beverages that will that will support you on your lifelong goals for health and wellness. When you see products that are marked with the Dietitian's Choice stamp of approval, that means that the item meets our Registered Supermarket Dietitians' nutritional value credentials. You can also find our Dietitian's Choice icons in our weekly ad, calling out better-for-you options that are on sale that week. The Dietitian's Choice label is Coborn's way of letting our guests know what foods are good for them while taking the guess work out of confusing food labels. Let us translate through the complex food labels, so you can spend more time savoring the flavor of your favorite culinary creations.

Health & Wellness Events

EventsOur Registered Supermarket Dietitians love sharing their knowledge and passion for healthy living with members of local communities. That's why they host a variety of health and wellness events around the community, including lunch and learns; nutrition presentations and seminars; health fairs; culinary classes with our pharmacists; a radio talk show once a month and more! Our dietitians also provide grocery tours, personal shopping assistance and personal consultations.

One fan-favorite event is the annual Build a Better Basket event in which our Coborn's team showcases the highest NuVal scoring foods from each grocery category to show our guests that eating right can also taste good. This annual event takes place at all Coborn's locations during March, National Nutrition Month. Most of these services are currently offered in the St. Cloud metro area. For a listing of more health and wellness events in your area, visit our events page by clicking here.

This Week's Recipe

Black Bean Quesadillas We'll be sharing some recipes for each meal occasion! Check back each week to see what's new.

Black Bean Quesadillas
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Our Dietitian

Ashley Kibutha
Ashley Kibutha (Studniski), RD, LD
Supermarket Registered Dietitian
Coborn's Grocery Stores

In May of 2011, Ashley graduated from the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University with a degree in Nutrition and a concentration in Dietetics. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she completed her dietetic internship through Iowa State University’s Distance program. A majority of her rotations were completed at the Saint Cloud Hospital, with community rotations fulfilled at local organizations in the central Minnesota region. In February of 2012, Ashley received her license as a Registered Dietitian. Her first position was working in the Natural Foods Department at the Sauk Rapids Coborn’s Grocery Store. In October of 2012, Ashley was promoted to Supermarket Dietitian for Coborn’s Grocery Stores, located mainly at the Pinecone store. In this position, she teaches nutrition classes throughout the community including local business, schools, and gyms; performs cooking demonstrations; leads grocery store tours; and provides personal consultations that include meal planning and personal shopping. She also teaches local lunch and learns to several local companies. One of Ashley’s main roles in this position is to oversee the NuVal program throughout the Coborn’s division. Ashley also collaborates with local wellness leaders by playing an active role in a variety of health initiatives throughout the central Minnesota region.

Nutrition Education

Watch informative videos featuring Ashley. Covering a wide range of topics supporting healthy living.

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