Fresh, Local Produce

Lettuce bring you the freshest produce.

We trace our roots to our humble beginning as a produce market in the early 1920’s in Sauk Rapids, MN. Although we have expanded as a company and added additional departments and guest service options, our produce department has always been a cornerstone for our stores. At Coborn’s, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, crisp and healthy produce. In accordance with that belief, our produce department is a sight to behold. From the traditional fruits and vegetables to the exotic, from apples to zucchinis, every variety, taste and color of the rainbow is represented in our produce department. Take one step inside our produce department and we’ll show you our commitment to quality and freshness – your satisfaction guaranteed!

Harvest Club

Harvest Club When you shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, we know you look for vibrant colors and seasonal varieties. Harvest Club works closely with growers to ensure only the best of their harvest is presented to you as a part of Harvest Club. When you see the Harvest Club label, you will know commitment and care has gone into bringing this fresh produce to our store's shelves.

Four Brothers

Four Brothers The Four Brothers brand pays tribute to the third generation of family leadership at Coborn's. Brothers Bob, Dan, Bill and Ron Coborn began working for the family grocery store at a young age on Broadway Avenue in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota and their hard work and dedication to the family company has helped it develop into the company it is today. Four Brothers products are located at a Coborn's near you.


Local Back in 1921, Coborn's began as a local produce market and almost 100 years later we stay true to our roots. We live in America’s heartland so we source as much as possible from our local neighbors. Local sourcing brings the freshest products to your table, minimizes carbon emissions, keeps dollars local and is simply the right thing to do. Try our local apples from Pepin Heights Farm in Lake City, MN, local peppers and cabbage from Riverside Farms in Elk River, MN, potatoes, corn and squash from Stoneybrook Farm in Foley, MN along with dozens of other family farms to bring you the freshest possible produce – only a day’s drive (or less!) away!

Organic Varieties

Organic Varieties At all Coborn’s locations we are proud to feature all of the most fresh and delicious varieties of organic fruits and vegetables available. Our organic produce items are featured year around and also offer a great deal of delicious seasonal produce items as well. From fruit and vegetable staples like year around citrus, berries, apples, oranges, celery or lettuce to brand new and exciting fruits and veggies to try right as they are available on the market. Coborn’s can offer the best produce because they are constantly developing strong relations with top of the line growers. Their quality standards live true to Coborn’s tradition and ensure that new, fresh and organic produce is continually available in ever growing produce department at all locations.

Cut Fruits & Veggies

Cut Fruits & Veggies Every Coborn’s store has an array of freshly packaged grab and go fruits and veggies to help you reduce prep and cleanup time. We’re pleased to bring you sliced, diced, chopped, cubed and peeled fruits and veggies in our Harvest Club brand. Coborn’s Produce Department realizes that guests not only want freshness, but they also strive for time saving tactics when they are shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. With pre-cut fruits and veggies, Coborn’s does the work for you saving you time and reducing prep work. The pre-cut vegetables and are already cleaned, at the correct sugar content and are 100% ready to use with no waste from peelings or skinning. Our produce department offers fruits and vegetables in the peak flavors and houses a wide variety of seasonal cut fruit and veggie options.